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Simple swap outs for your kitchen, bathroom + laundry room Make your home a toxin free haven and find them quick with our list of resources Explore room by room options to make your home a safe space



Welcome to Mastering Your Home! We are so excited you are here taking toxicity one step at a time out of your home. We don’t want this course to be overwhelming, rather a place of joy and inspiration to make your home a safe haven for those you love. A place that your family can walk in the door and be greeted by lovely aromas and feel the difference by the non-toxic environment you have created for them.


This module will walk you through simple swaps and potential areas of toxicity lurking in your kitchen where you prepare food and also need to control bacteria.


The bedroom is where we spend ⅓ of our life. Sleeping is essential to our overall health + wellbeing. We need to have this room in our home, a place where we can not only achieve proper rest but also keep toxins low so our bodies can recover while we sleep.


The laundry room is a place where we need to clean up our clothes but being that our skin is our largest organ and the clothes cover our bodies means that we need to protect our clothes to protect our bodies. Using clean laundry options are one of the easiest ways to reduce your toxic load. Find out how to do this in a few easy steps inside this course.


The bathroom is where we encounter the most personal care products. This is probably the most toxic area of our home from chemical laden personal care products to toxic cleaning products. While this room can be complex it can also be one of the easiest to make simple swaps that greatly reduce the toxic load on your entire body.

Living Room

The family room - the place where the fam hangs out, enjoys each others company and gets some much needed R + R. Let’s nurture our loved ones with clean aromas to help them relax or energize the room during game night. No matter the activity you can be certain by making some simple clean swaps your loved ones will feel peaceful in this area of your home.

Home Office

The office is the place to slay. Our office can feel like an uninspired space when all we do is work there. Why not spice up with some inspo by creating a workspace you actually love and nurture creativity? Check this module out on how to create the ultimate office space.

Active Lifestyle

Instead of grabbing OTC meds to be able to crawl out of bed the next morning after a new activity or getting back into exercising - find out how to support inflammation and get the most of your workout and feel great while resuming an active lifestyle!

The Outdoors

The outdoors. We love to get fresh air and sunshine but does it come at a toxic cost when we are trying to keep the pesky bugs off of us? It actually does. It comes at a big cost. Learn how to make your own insect and tick repellent for not only yourself but also your furry friends without the toxic effects on your organs!

Men's Health

The men in our life have not been forgotten! They too use personal care products and/or cleaning products to remove grease and sludge. Learn just how to use totally non toxic delicious combinations that all the men in your life will love!

Oils at the Lake

Outdoor fun does not have to equal dry skin + chemical laden sunscreens. Learn how to use safe alternatives to not only protect your skin but also nourish it and keep it from aging naturally!


A new baby is one of the most precious gifts. We all want to wrap our sweet little ones in a bubble and protect them from all harmful ingredients. A brand new nursery comes with brand new items. Many off gas while your new baby is sleeping -causing high toxic exposure to your new baby who is just building his/her immune system and learning how to detoxify. Let’s lighten the load by keeping the nursery a Natural Haven with some simple swaps and natural personal care options.

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