Presidential Diamond
Frankincense: While my favorite oil changes like the seasons, right now my #1 is frankincense.  I have recently been using Frankincense morning + night under my tongue.  Just one drop- it doesn’t taste like chocolate but the effects are better than chocolate!.  It's been such a game changer for me.  I have better clarity of thought + my energy is so much better!  I just love that I have my oils to lean on no matter what happens in life. 

From a stay at home, homeschooling momma, to doTERRA Presidential Diamond, Jen Frey has built a solid organization of over 200,000 members, with monthly sales of 7-8 million.

She built this organization by showing families how to defy the odds with natural modalities.   It all began when she shared experiences about using essential oils on her own children.  She was able to initially teach and empower families in her local community until her network exploded beyond local areas.  Her passion originated with her love of the products.

Over the years she has learned a ton about what it means to be a woman in the business world.  From being a shy introvert, to speaking in front of large crowds and learning how to effectively work with others, she has been able to overcome numerous challenges which have molded her into the leader she is today.  Her goal is to empower every woman to be confident and care for her family in a natural way and secondly, to find her purpose in this life by stretching herself out of her comfort zone and growing into the woman she was made to be.

Grass Roots Wellness

Our Team

Erin Smeigh

Erin Smeigh and her husband Tom live in Landisburg , PA. They have a family of four daughters and one son.  Her work as a social worker in the field of mental health resulted in researching and pursuing natural and alternative health and wellness options in her own home.  Working with both adults and children that struggle with mental illness as well as focus on the break down in the family system for 20 years led Erin to discard  the one size fits all approach and find hope in alternative ways to support and empower others. Most recently Erin has been working on her certification as a nutrition coach. With the goal of supporting individuals she works with.  
To gain balance, wellness and deep health in all domains of their life. 

Favorite oil 

Balance is my favorite essential oil. This blend is full of tree oils.  When you think of a tree it has strong deep roots and branches that are flexible moving in the wind.  When you think of your mood and emotions in this matter you know why it makes for a better day.  

When things don't go as planned you can be flexible and move with the ways of your day.  Emotional high days that have me stressed out I grab for my balance roller mixed with whisper & sandalwood.  If you are one that has a stressful job or just tend to be of an on edge person I strongly encourage you to give balance a try.  

Laura King

"I have been using essential oils for 12 years and building doterra as a business for just about as long. I am from Granville Ohio where I live with my 4 kids and husband Shawn King.  I am very passionate about natural solutions to health concerns. I believe in empowering others with natural solutions and enjoy living with purpose.  My formal background is in Social Work but I have worked every job under the sun!! My most favorite job has been raising my kids through travel, homeschooling, teaching family values and being involved in our local church and community."

Tiffany Repsher 

I have always been interested in a holistic alternative approach when dealing with dis-ease in the body, I have always had a passion for nature and have had opportunities to travel to many different countries learning about medical plants. In learning all about different properties in plants over the years I have gravitated to using natural alternatives such as essential oils for the past 25 years. In 2003, I graduated from The Florida College of Natural Health, then went on to become a licensed massage therapist in the state and Pennsylvania.  In 2019, I graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health as a Certified Aroma Specialist, a Certified Natural Health Professional and a Certified Health Specialist.  I also was trained at the school of Equissage in Round Hill, Virginia, which the nation's leading training organization devoted to muscle rehabilitation in horses in which I received my certification as an ESMT (Equine Sports Massage Therapist) with the ability to use a holistic approach by using essential oils.  Another passion I have is delivering aromatherapy and massage therapy to palliative and hospice patients which I have worked in that field for the last couple of years; I have found it to be incredibly rewarding. Currently, as of today have opened a massage therapy practice in Sayre, PA and am working towards finishing my undergraduate degree in psychology, having an understanding and have been educated in the mind and the body has helped me greatly in helping people in their wellness journey.

Favorite Oil

Choosing a favorite oil is so difficult because so many have amazing benefits, however if I have to choose one, I would say it would be Frankincense, known as the the King of Essential Oils. When inhaled through the nose or diffused into the air, frankincense may promote a sense of peace, relaxation, grounding and connectedness. However, from a chemistry perspective, Sesquiterpene are found in Frankincense which are highly oxygenating compounds, these molecules deliver oxygen molecules to cells, like hemoglobin does in the blood, one drop contains approximately 40 million-trillion molecules. We have 100 trillion cells in our bodies, and one drop of essential oil contains enough molecules to cover every cell in our bodies. That is why inhaling a small amount of essential oil can have profound effects on the body, brain, and emotions. Frankincense is soothing and has beautifying properties that can rejuvenate skin when applied topically. As the king of oils, Frankincense is known to support healthy cellular, immune, nervous, and digestive function. For me, this is a MUST have Essential Oil!! 


Isabella Kruba

I am currently an undergraduate student at Penn State majoring in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences with an Equine Science minor. I have been raised on essential oils and natural medicine. My goal is to educate other people on natural remedies and teach them that it is possible for them to live a natural lifestyle without a reliance on traditional medicine. I hope to one day become a holistic veterinarian where I can incorporate essential oils into veterinary medicine, providing my clients with alternative methods of caring for their beloved pets.

My favorite oil is Balance!

Rachel Laughlin

Rachel Laughlin is a Natural Health Practitioner, lover of all things natural, and knows that having natural, non-toxic items at your fingertips to support your body at home is one of the most empowering things you can do for your family. Rachel loves to explore new places, meet new people, and learn about the ways people lived in past generations. 

She loves Jesus, her family, reading books, and singing, and she believes that there is nothing more important in the world than spreading joy to others and helping them see Jesus in the world around them.

Favorite oil

(I’m putting two because they may tie!): 

Rose Touch and Spikenard.


Alice is a doTERRA Diamond wellness advocate with an Associate’s degrees in Business, Paralegal studies and Elementary education.  She also has certifications as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant and a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner from the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine.  She is married with four beautiful children and three dogs.  

Alice sees doTERRA as a mission field.  Her goals are to help others live healthy and abundant lives so that they can pursue the life purpose that God has for them.  Her “why” is to share love, freedom, and hope with people.  She wants to help set people free in all areas of their lives.  There is a better way, a better solution, and with financial freedom, one is able to truly dream again. She wants to help people dream again.   Some charities near and dear to her heart are Haiti missions (Juniper Community Missions), Answer International, Kings Gate Ministry, Healing Hands Foundation, and Operation Underground Railroad. With the focus on her why, she is excited to continue touching lives and making an impact with dōTERRA.  

Favorite Oil:

Her favorite oil is cheer!  
It helps to uplift and keep emotions focused to pursue my purpose.
I was gifted a bottle of DoTERRA's Peppermint oil 6 years ago by our own Jen Frey πŸ’—. I was so intrigued, and began to use them immediately with my clients who showered me with so many great questions that I had to learn all about them, FAST 😬. I find pure joy when speaking to someone who has an issue which is relieved after trying a simple, natural solution I have sampled them.

My husband Matthew is a Chiropractor, so it was a no brainer to start using oils in his practice as well. I always joke that men might be a little more unsure about using oils, but if you can reduce their pain, then they want them all because they fully understand the power of these little drops of goodness!πŸ’§πŸ™Œ

I'm scientifically curious and love reading scientific articles regarding essential oils. I was also an esthetician in my previous life, so I'm excited to share my insights on our Skincare items which are amazing!!

I’m also a mom to our spunky little rescue dog Spencer. His favorite essentials thus far are Wild Orange and Balance as he regularly walks over to our Dawn diffuser and sticks his head fully in the mist 😁. He also appreciates that we use our oils to green clean green our home ❀️.

Jennie Nicastro

Betty Magill is a mother of six and practices as a Doctor of Naturopathy in Pennsylvania. She is a doTERRA Diamond and loves teaching others about natural health and helping those unable to find answers  for their health issues. She has been instrumental in the training of other practitioners, and introducing doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists to the concept of electrodermal screening (EDS). Betty has been trained in Canada and Florida by those pioneering electrodermal screening and energetics here in the United States. She is also Vice President of PATNA (Pennsylvania Traditional Naturopaths Association). Betty, her husband Steve and daughter Rachel, have begun teaching "Design Connection" seminars designed to help others take back their health and to stay healthy. She loves doTERRA and considers herself blessed to be a part of a company whose quality is matched by none and whose products have changed the lives of so many.
Betty Magill

Kenzie Baur

Executive Assistant

Kenzie’s favorite oil is Magnolia Touch.
With over 12 years of experience in professional executive assistant positions and a track record of strong performance in high-volume, high-pressure environments, Kenzie skillfully manages administrative duties and customer relations for Jen and Jeff Frey at Grass Roots Wellness.

As Executive Assistant, she ensures the smooth operation of customer education, support and handling of customer inquiries.

Kenzie enjoys yoga, rock climbing, and snowboarding. She is active in the community and volunteers her time as the Sports Commissioner in her town.

Melissa Gabel

Executive Personal Assistant

My favorite oils are Balance and ClaryCalm!

My education background is in behavior management, child welfare and mental health.  I am currently working on my Masters degree in Social Work at Widener University and hope to provide trauma-informed care for children and families. I was introduced to essential oils 7 years ago.  I love that these oils are natural, pure and powerful! I am a strong believer in a holistic approach to mental health and value the essential role that oils can play in supporting emition-regulation and wellness.

As Executive Personal Assistant, I provide support with team giveaways, samples, gifts and events.

Lynley Herig


Favorite Oils: Peppermint and Balance
I’m a Registered Dietitian turned Graphic Designer fueled by faith, family and fun! I don’t believe in coincidences, but in hard work and second chances -- the kind that breathe life into areas you didn’t know were suffocating.

My passion for health began in my very early years and manifested as a career in nutrition with a minor in essential oils {don’t you wish that was an actual degree?}! I worked for five years as a dietitian, but the minute I became a mama my priorities shifted and a deep desire to be home with my babies arose.

I was introduced to Jen through a mutual connection and began writing copy for her while I stayed home with my kiddos. When she mentioned to me she was in need of a graphic artist, I somehow convinced her that I was totally qualified and able to be what she needed. “Creative” isn’t a word I’d ever use to describe myself, even to this day, but three years in I continue to be in love with my work and the life it’s allowed me to create! And don’t worry -- those nutrition roots continue to run deep -- just ask my kids!