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Hey, I'm Jen!

A small-town, Jesus-loving, family-first-kitties-second, tea-sipping, Pure Barre-obsessed health junkie that’s passionate about raising babies and living life au naturale!

While health has always been a priority in my life, it reached a new level with the birth of my firstborn, twenty-one years ago. I wanted more for my kids than quick fixes and over the counter meds; I wanted them to understand their bodies in a way that mother nature intended and to have the tools to care for themselves in just that manner. I wanted something that worked, and something that worked quick!

Favorite oil or oil blend
Frankincense: While my favorite oil changes like the seasons, right now my #1 is frankincense.  I have recently been using Frankincense morning + night under my tongue.  Just one drop- it doesn’t taste like chocolate but the effects are better than chocolate!.  It's been such a game changer for me.  I have better clarity of thought + my energy is so much better!  I just love that I have my oils to lean on no matter what happens in life.

"Jen is an absolutely magnetic person — the kind you are immediately drawn to. 
Her passion for life and for the people in hers are the reasons behind everything she does, which is why she’s the business mogul she is today.
 Genuine, loyal, selfless, strong, kind, Christ-centered, wise — She is truly one of a kind and seems to possess ALL the qualities that are crave-worthy in a friend {and certainly in a business partner}.
In addition to those things, Jen is also an oil guru. If you have an issue, she has solutions that WORK! 
Her knowledge surpasses that of so many in the industry, and having her as a resource is invaluable.
She is the real deal in a world filled with so many facades, and is someone that will make your life better by simply being in it! 
Working with her is one of the best decisions I have made and I am excited for what’s to come in our future endeavors!”

Lynley Herig

Creative Client